Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The toyshop.mt is provided by Island Berg LTD located at:

Sunshine Flat 3

St. Mary Street

Mgarr, Malta MGR 1528

And with company registration number C92629 and VAT Number: MT26589034

If you would like to reach us, the quickest way would be to send us an email on [email protected]


Conditions of use

When you use the toyshop.mt platform you are accepting the terms and conditions stated here and in the returns page, the delivery page, and our privacy policy.   (hyperlinks)  All content is owned by Island Berg LTD and you are not permitted to use any part of the Toyshop.mt for commercial purposes without our preauthorisation.


User Account and Data

When you create an account for use to make a purchase, track purchases, store payment details, create reviews and content, and more; you accept that the activities occurring on your account are your responsibility.  The username and password should be kept private in order to stop any unauthorised use.

Please review the privacy policy for our data use and protection information.

You may not misuse the website by trying to hack, infect with a virus, gain unauthorised access, or other means to disrupt, modify, or defraud the accounts, products, data, website, content, pricing, and servers.

When you post any information on our website such as product reviews, videos, comments, media, and more you are granting us a non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty-free and irrevocable right to use, display, and distribute that content.

We may display links to other websites on the website and marketing materials, in this case you will be accepting the terms and conditions plus the privacy policy of these websites when visiting them.  We are not liable for the protection, damage cause, and data that may arise of your use of a third party website.


Purchase conditions

When you make a purchase, you will receive an order confirmation by email.  This email is stating that we have received your order but is not a guarantee of contract for purchase.  There may be an issue where we are unable to fulfil your order, for example missing stock.  If we are unable to fulfil your order for any reason, we will contact you and work out a solution such as refund the payment, wait for new stock delivery, select another item, and so on.  We are flexible with creating a solution that makes our customers happy.

If your order is accepted, the item(s) will be sent to you as specified in the delivery terms.  When the order has been delivered then the purchase contract is concluded.  We will send the item(s) to the address you specify when you place your order. Once delivery is complete you become the owner of the item(s) and they are your responsibility.  We are no longer responsible or liable for loss or item(s) or destruction.  If ordering outside of Malta/EU then you may need to pay customs charge that are determined by the customs rules and regulations of your country and this fee is paid by you. At times a delivery may be given to a neighbour or colleague in order to expedite your delivery, once an item has been signed by a reasonable secondary recipient, then we are no longer responsible or liable for loss or item(s) or destruction.

You have 14 days to cancel the contract and return the item(s) without any reason and without any penalty to you.  At delivery and at the end of 14 days, whichever is more suitable for you, the Returns Policy is in effect in case you wish to exchange, repair, refund, or agree to another solution for your purchased item(s).  Please notify us by email, phone, or writing to cancel the contract or to initiate the Returns policy.  The cost of returning the item(s) will be paid by you and you assume the risk of the delivery option you choose to send the item(s) with.  The item(s) must be in their package and reselling condition. We will send the money you paid for the item(s) back to you within 30 days.  If the item(s) are not delivered, are damaged, or delivery costs were not paid, we may deduct this from any credit owed.

If the item(s) have been visibly damaged in transit, please do not sign and accept the order as this will then be return back to us.  If you find damage occurred upon opening the product, contact us as soon as possible and we will work with you on replacing or refunding the item(s). If a product is noted to be faulty, you have up to 90 days from date of purchase to inform us of the issue where we will try to find a solution.  We want to keep our customers happy and are keen to assist.  We may request to inspect the faulty item or help troubleshoot an issue before coming to a final decision.

The Toyshop.mt Products and Service

We are not liable to you for any reason based on where we change/ add/ withdraw the items, images, versions, materials, content, pricing, deals, and all other aspects of the website and products; and we have the right to cancel an order for any reason.

Toyshop Pricing

We endeavour to make all pricing on the website up to date and accurate but there may be times that the product is showing a price that is incorrect.  If we find that the price we have sold a product is lower than the correct retail price, we will contact you to inform you of the error and should you wish to pay the additional money for the item or request a refund then we will be happy to assist. Regarding delivery pricing, this is stated in the delivery terms of the website.  All prices shown, of products, delivery, or other, are subject to change without notice.  The product prices shown on the website include VAT.

Toyshop Payment

We provide options of payment methods that are shown at the time of purchase.  We can not guarantee the accuracy and speed of clearing funds through these third party payment gateways but we do use trusted and well known providers that have a reputation for good service.  If you encounter any issue, please contact us and we will assist you with the payment gateway.  Once you make a payment, the money will be sent to our business bank account and will be processed through the payment gateway of your choosing from our selected providers.  The payment phase is concluded at the time of making the order go through the final step of checkout.

Applicable Law

You agree that the laws of the European Union and of Malta will govern the contract between us and the terms of the relationship and use of this platform. Any dispute you have with the website, products, or service will be arbitrated at the main place of operation of Island Berg LTD and the courts and jurisdiction thereof.