If you are looking for an ultimate fun, stretchy, colorful stress buster, then this extreme slime ball is what you need.

This is the wiggliest, jiggliest, slimiest stretchies ball in town – here you have the odditeez xtreme slime ball. Throw it around, great for ice breakers, and if it falls, it wriggles but nothing breaks!! Soo muucchhh fun!!

These fun jiggly friends come in lots of different shapes and colours. From strawberry, sunshine, whale, bear, monsters and more. They bounce, stretch, squish, and shake. Perfect for playing with and tossing back and forth around the room.

Every Bubbleezz is full of special squishy balls that feel fun in the hands, and even squished on your face. Inside the bubbly balls is a hidden charm – what one is hidden within your Bubbleezz? That charm is the secret power of your Bubbleezz.



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