From the most popular Italian team worldwide, here we offered the licensed and official product Juventus FC Cushion. With this smart looking pillow you can keep it out on your sofa, lay it down on the bed, or use it to smack down any family members or friends who are cheering the opposing team while they are in your home.  How dare they! Don’t they know Juventus are winners and have the most exciting Ballon d’Or player Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro GOIH ComM. Yeah you heard that right, say his full name people, plus his honorific titles.  Bow down to the greatness that is Juventus or experience the full force of this pillow knocking your head off  🙂

All in good fun of course. Juventus Football Fans are most friendly and fun supporters out there. Get this wonderful cushion for yourself or a team mate and friend, they will enjoy it greatly.

Cushion measures 40 x 40 cm


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