This is the Aqua Doodle drawing board, you will still require an Aqua Doodle pen to use this product. You can buy that here or in another Aqua Doodle set. This drawing board folds up for easy carrying to a friends house or playing outside at the playground. It is actually great to play in the sun as the doodles reset when they dry. Having the doodle board in the sun will let them draw new designs quickly.

aqua doodle slim pen


How can a pen be safe? It runs on water! Fill the pen with water as needed and then your children can draw with the pen and the magic surface with show their drawing. As the surface dries, the image disappears. You can play with the mat and pen over and over. Recommended for kids from 6 months and higher. The older kids will be able to draw patterns better, while the younger kids will have fun watching their interactions with the pad create magical colours.


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